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Rosedown: A Link to the Past

Rosedown: A Link to the Past

LPB explores the history of West Feliciana's Rosedown Plantation. 

The two-story home and its gardens were built by Daniel Turnbull and Martha Hillard Barrow Turnbull to resemble the beautiful gardens of France, England and Italy that they saw on their honeymoon in 1828. Completed in 1835, Rosedown Plantation's estate covered 3,500 acres and would eventually include 12-huge columns and two small ones, as well as three porches. The biggest attraction has always been the glorious gardens that Martha Turnbull continued expanded for the remainder of her life. 

Rosedown went into decline until Catherine Fondren Underwood purchased the property in 1956 and restored it to its original splendor. Mrs. Underwood and her husband maintained the plantation until their deaths. Their son kept it for more than a decade before selling it. 

As Rosedown appeared to be spiraling downward again, the State of Louisiana purchased the plantation. It is now an historic site, providing invaluable insights into the history of life on a southern plantation.


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