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Money $marts

Money Smarts is a half-hour video targeted at high school juniors and seniors, as well as young adults in post-secondary settings or just entering the workforce. This fast-paced program introduces the viewer to basic financial literacy concepts and gives an overview of developing a budget, savvy use of credit cards and the importance of saving. The program addresses several Louisiana content standards and benchmarks.

The format of Money Smarts combines studio segments with graphics, location footage and interviews and banking and credit specialists. The program was funded by the Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge in honor of Ken Uffman, Past President and CEO Emeritus of the Bureau, and current Chairman of the JumpStart Coalition for Young Adults.

Money Smarts is designed as supplementary tool for teachers, credit counselors and community volunteers to use to initiate students into the need for personal financial literacy. It can be used in its entirety, or can be broken into short segments to introduce topics and bring about discussion.


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