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Lucy's Classic Cajun Culture & Cooking

Lucy's Classic Cajun Culture & Cooking

In the pages of this cookbook, Mrs. Lucy Zaunbrecher has done much more than just assemble a group of recipes. She has included much of the history not only of her own family but also of the Cajun people as a whole. Here you'll learn not only the foods the Cajuns love but - more importantly - the reasons they love them. You'll learn how the Cajuns came from France to Nova Scotia to Louisiana and you'll learn how their culture and cuisine developed to match new and untamed land. And, you'll learn how these recipes developed over three generations of Cajun cooks in one family. If your goal is to truly understand the Cajuns as well as to cook like them, look no further than "Classic Cajun" by Mrs. Lucy Zaunbrecher.

206 pages 1994 Lucy Henry Zaunbrecher


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