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Lost Louisiana: Endangered Sites

Lost Louisiana: Endangered Sites

Charlie Whinham travels throughout the state to visit six of the state’s endangered historical sites on the 14th edition of the series. Stops include a visit to the Geodesic Dome created by Buckminster Fuller for the Union Tank Car Company north of Baton Rouge and the historic Capitol House and Heidelberg Hotels in downtown Baton Rouge. In Vacherie, we visit Laura Plantation, which was damaged by fire in 2004. Then on to Lafayette to visit Holy Rosary Institute, a Catholic school founded in 1913 to educate African-American children. It closed in 1993. In Reserve, we stop by the Reserve-Godchaux Plantation House that was built in the early 19th Century and was owned in the 1820s by freemen of color. The final stop is the Old Baskin High School in Franklin Parish, which was built in 1925.


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