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Literacy and Learning Module 4

Literacy and Learning Module 4

1. PReP & Listen-Read-Discuss
Features classroom instruction using the "PreReading Plan" to assess students' prior knowledge before reading and the "Listen-Read-Discuss" strategy, a pre- and post-reading strategy that also includes group discussions.

2. Anticipation/Reaction Guides & Discussion Groups
Focuses on the use of pre-reading "Anticipation Guides" and post-reading "Reaction Guides" to assess and reassess students' vocabulary and reading comprehension. Small group discussions are also featured including role assignments.

3. Three Level Study Guides & Verbatim Split Page Procedure (VSPP)
Features the "Verbatim Split Page Procedure", a note-taking strategy for helping students listen and organize their class notes for later use; and the "Three Level Study Guide", a useful strategy for assisting students in reading text which focuses on three levels of comprehension questions: literal, inferential, and evaluative.

4. Vocabulary Self-Collection Strategy (VSS) & Morphemic Analysis
Highlights two strategies to enhance vocabulary development: "Vocabulary Self-Collection" and "Morphemic Analysis". These strategies help students select important vocabulary related to the topic at hand and develop understanding of critical vocabulary through studying the morphemes of words.

This module consists of four 20 minute video lessons on 1 DVD.
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