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Literacy and Learning: Module 1

Literacy and Learning: Module 1

Introduces a variety of teaching strategies for middle school educators to use to advance their students' skill-level in reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking.

1. Literacy & Science Grade 5
Features two strategies: 1) "SQ3R" gives students five steps to develop effective study habits; and 2) "Concept Mapping" allows teachers and students to organize concepts and determine the relationships between concepts. Both "SQ3R" and "Concept Mapping" take the students to higher levels of thinking.

2. Reading across the Curriculum
Features "K-W-L" a strategy used before, during, and after reading to enhance students' comprehension. The letters K-W-L represent the steps in the strategy: What I Know, What I Want to Learn, and What I Learned.

3. Literacy & Mathematics Grade 5
Features three strategies: 1) "Think Aloud"helps students read or think through difficult content material; 2) "SQRQCQ" is a "secret" for solving word problems; 3) "The Quick Write" gives students the opportunity to reflect upon their learning through a writing assignment. These strategies help students monitor their own progress and show teachers particular areas of need.

4. Literacy & Social Studies Grade 5
Features two reading and writing strategies: 1) "Jigsaw" has children teaching each other and works quite well when using technology in the classroom; and 2) "Cubing" a writing strategy used to help students examine a topic from different points of view.

This module consists of four 20 minute video lessons on 1 DVD.
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