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Gumbo Island (The Series)

Gumbo Island (The Series)

Gumbo Island is a Louisiana culture and history show for Kindergarten through 4th grade aimed at multi-disciplinary learning. Each show visits locations and people around the state. Young host Britt Henderson models for youngsters the polite way to approach new situations with a sense of adventure and curiosity. The shows features the use of something Britt calls a Gumbo Island Adventure Journal. Teachers are encouraged to use this opportunity to start students building their own "adventure journals" featuring facts, pictures and things they find interesting. Children are encouraged to shout "Gumbo Island" when Britt asks for help in a magical transport.

  • The First Louisianians
  • A State of Art
  • Highway for a Nation
  • Birds & B-Flats
  • Louisiana Traditions

1 DVD. Teacher Guide included.


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