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Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 5)

Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 5)

1. Carbon: The Element of Surprise
This episode illustrates both the fast and slow track paths of carbon between living things and non-living processes.

2. The Aggravation of Accumulation
The process of bioaccumulation primarily of synthetic chemicals and its impact on the food chain are examined in this episode.

3. Behind the Numbers
Population fluctuations are linked to changes in various abiotic and biotic factors.

4. Hypoxia: The O2 Blues
The results of nutrient enrichment on the quality of waterways and the health of plants and animals in aquatic systems are examined.

5. Rotten but Not Forgotten
This episode focuses on the fundamental process of decomposition, an essential component in a balanced ecosystem.

This module consists of five 20 minute video lessons on 1 DVD.


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