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Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 4)

Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 4)

1. Erosion: On the Move
The formation and relocation of soil are studied during visits to Niagara Falls, the South Dakota Badlands, and farm fields in Illinois and Kansas. Viewers explore the importance of soil as a resource necessary for our present and future generations.

2. Rebirth in Fire
Prescribed burns are routinely used to maintain a healthy forest environment and manage resources. Travel to Kisatchie National Forest and Yellowstone National Park to learn about the natural recovery process for native plants that benefit from fire.

3. Force of Floods
Learn about the 1927 Mississippi River flood and more recent flooding tragedies in various parts of the US. The Channeled Scablands formed by the Missoula floods provide a spectacular example of the habitat changes caused by floods.

4. The Earth: Work in Progress
Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and sinkhole formation dramatically change the Earth's surface, often redesigning local habitats. This episode introduces several scientists researching these processes and forces of change in our environment.

5. Glaciers: Movers & Shapers
At the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, massive glaciers carved valleys and lakes as they retreated northward. Examine the awesome force of glaciers, now found at high elevations and latitudes, as they shape the landscape of the North American continent.

This module consists of five 20 minute video lessons on 1 DVD.


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