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Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 3)

Enviro-Tacklebox™(Module 3)

1. Commons Sense
The fish in the ocean, the planet Mars, Antarctica and even Space itself can be thought of as a "commons." This episode investigates the concept of a "commons" through visits to places such as the National Marine Fisheries Institute at Woods Hole, Cape Cod, the Louisiana Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, and the Boston Commons.

2. Non-Native Invasion
Invasive, non-native plants and animals compete with native species for resources. This episode explores the environmental impact of invasive species and measures used to control them. Viewers will travel to Boston's Logan Airport, Stone Laboratory in Ohio and the swamps of Louisiana.

3. Student Solutions
This video provides a small representative sample of student efforts that promote improved environmental quality in their community. Meet students who are improving their environments in Hampden, MA; El Paso, TX; Huntingdon, PA; Juarez, MX; and Sonderton, PA.

4. Spin on Sprawl
Each year hundreds of thousands of acres of green land are converted to residential and commercial centers. This episode investigates some of the effects of urban sprawl: flooding, habitat loss and additional commuting time. Learn about efforts in Portland, OR and Celebration, FL to implement "smart growth" and "growth boundary".

5. Enviro Rules
In this episode learn about the processes used by state and local governments to establish Enviro Rules, regulations for proper resource management.

This module consists of five 20 minute video lessons on 1 DVD.


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