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Enviro-Tacklebox™ (Module 1)

Enviro-Tacklebox™ (Module 1)

1. Exercise: The Motion Potion
Visit a sports kinesiology lab to learn what happens to the body during exercise and learn why famous athletes love to be active. Explore some of the ways in which exercise can improve health.

2. Water: From the Earth for You
Travel from the cave dwellings of early North American communities to the major metropolitan cities of our country today to explore the growing demand on our water supply.

3. You & Me & UV
Explore the harmful and helpful effects of ultraviolet radiation, including UV damage to skin, the use of UV by insects to guide them to food, and the effect of UV on the ozone layer.

4. At Your Own Risk
This episode examines how some of our everyday activities, such as riding a school bus, roller blading and performing household chores, can be quite risky. Students are challenged to examine their behavior and to take responsibility for managing the voluntary risks in their lives.

5. A Biofilm's Bio
Viewers visit Yellowstone National Park to see communities of Biofilms, sometimes helpful, sometimes pesky microbes. Visit a research lab where environmental scientists develop Biofilms to be used in the bioremediation of oil spills.

Five video lessons on 1 DVD.


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