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Louisiana Public Square

August 2019 - Engaging Louisiana

A recent poll of Louisiana voters finds that 45percent say that the state is on the wrong track and getting worse. Yet, turnout for the last gubernatorial race was significantly lower than the 2018 national midterms. In October, voters will be choosing not only the governor, but state legislators…nearly one-third whose seats were term-limited this year.

So, how can voters be encouraged to be more active in the political process? How will new lawmakers gain much-needed institutional knowledge? What influence do lobbyists have in legislative affairs? And what are the state’s most pressing issues and how should they be addressed?

Louisiana Public Square looks for answers on “Engaging Louisiana” Wednesday, August 28 at 7pm on LPB and in New Orleans on WLAE.

Louisiana Public Square can also be heard on public radio stations WRKF in Baton Rouge; Red River Radio in Shreveport and Alexandria; and WWNO in New Orleans. Check their station websites for schedule.