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Louisiana Public Broadcasting does not provide funding for projects, but may work with producers to assist in securing potential outside production funds or underwriting.

All broadcast programs must adhere to PBS and FCC guidelines and technical standards.

LPB can also negotiate for production services on external projects, in the form of production and support services.

In order to produce projects, LPB relies on funding assistance from the Foundation for Excellence in Louisiana Public Broadcasting and from underwriters and donors who support LPB production activities. FELPB, is a private non-profit corporation established in 1992, to support LPB’s broadcast and production work. This 501(c)(3) can serve as a non-profit fiscal agent for independent productions through the “Louisiana Lens” documentary film project.

Please note, all program underwriting, and underwriting messages MUST be approved by LPB and must adhere to PBS’ National Guidelines for Underwriting.

Program funders are barred from exercising any editorial control over program content and are barred from advertising or endorsing any business, industry, product or service. LPB maintains the highest journalistic standards of content oversight.

Additional Funding Resources

Minority Consortia


LPB is interested in reviewing completed programs and short form content, for consideration for broadcast on LPB’s network of six public television stations across Louisiana and emerging web platforms. To submit a completed program or segment, fill out the Louisiana Lens Submission Form. If available, provide a URL for secure review of your program by LPB. Please do not send a DVD.

After you have completed your submission to LPB, we will send you an email acknowledging that we have received it. We will contact you further if we are interested in exploring possible broadcast of your program or segment. LPB has a broad array of available distribution platforms for content which include statewide broadcast, regional distribution, national distribution, and via the web.


When pitching a concept or program proposal to LPB you will need to complete the Louisiana Lens Submission Form. Please indicate which genre the concept falls within. LPB’s programming includes Documentaries, Performance and Arts, News and Current Affairs, Health, Science & Nature, Children’s Programs and Educational Media.

At LPB, we develop and produce the majority of our programs on our own or in collaboration with existing production partners. Our decision to pursue an unsolicited proposal will be based on the originality and importance of the content, the qualifications and experience of the producer, director, and other key production personnel, and the availability of resources with which to pursue further development and production.

The online Louisiana Lens Submission Form will require some basic information from you about your project idea. Project descriptions should summarize your idea and, if possible, include a budget. Please do not send video material unless requested.

After you have submitted your proposal, you will receive an email acknowledging that we have received it and that it has been sent to the appropriate department for review. We will only contact you further if we have an interest in pursuing your proposal.


Content Length Requirements:

Broadcast Program length of 30 minutes: 26:46:00

Broadcast Program Length of 60 minutes: 56:46:00

Story segment for the LPB Series “Louisiana: The State We’re In”: 4-6 minutes

LPB Short Film Showcase 3-30 minutes

All programs are required to contain closed-captioning, as required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Programs lacking proper closed-captioning will be closed-captioning at producers’ expense.

See Program Technical Specifications.


Program Structure and Format

Website Link Notice

On-Air Offers for Ancillary Products

Production Credits

Underwriting (All underwriting, and underwriting messages must be approved by LPB and must adhere to PBS’ National Guidelines for Underwriting.)