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Happy New Year from LPB and PBS KIDS!

Odd Squad: Odds and Ends...All New Special Event

A string of villain break-ins at headquarters leads to a revelation about Otis's past that has the potential to change the history of Odd Squad...and the world. Otis, Olympia, Ms. O, and Oona team up to try to put things right again one last time.  

Which one of the @OddSquadPBS team members is a double-agent? Which math problems will be the key to saving the agency? Team up with your child to find out in the premiere of the all-new Odd Squad movie, "Odds and Ends."

Be sure to catch this special event on LPB on January 21st at 7 AM or 3:30 PM on LPB and also at 7 PM on LPBKIDS.

Try the FREE PBS KIDS Games App!

Do you have a curious kid? Try the free PBS KIDS Games App! The app includes over 50 learning games featuring your kid's favorite @PBSKIDS characters and can be played without Wi-Fi once downloaded! 

Bringing Back Family Game Night

One study found that preschool-age children who played a simple dice-rolling and token-moving number game for just one hour over a two-week period had measurable gains in number skills. Read on for five reasons to make family game night a new tradition!

January LPB KIDS Family Night Marathons

Friday, January 4th starting at 6 PM on LPBKIDS...It's Family Night! Team up with your child to help @OddSquadPBS stop a rival team from covering up problems!

Friday, January 11th starting at 6 PM on LPBKIDS...Attention Space Explorers! Tonight's Family Night special is a @ReadyJetGoPBS marathon! After you watch, help your child select books and resources to learn more about one new space concept she discovered during the show!

Friday, January 18th starting at 6 PM on LPBKIDS...Does your child find it hard to choose among @naturecatshow, @wildkrattsofficial, @OddSquadPBS, and WordGirl? From Friday to Sunday explore all four during LPB KIDS' Family Night! 

Seven Tips to Foster Your Toddler’s Budding Independence

Me do! ME do! ME DO!,” screamed the child every time her mother tried to dress herself or pour her own milk. Setting aside time to teach your child age-appropriate tasks is one way to manage your little one's case of the "me-dos."

Encouraging Your Child to Become a “Helper”

Researchers asked children between the ages of three and six to perform a variety of tasks. Children who were asked to be “helpers” were significantly more responsive to requests than those who simply asked to “help.”

DIY Shoe-Tying Board: Video

Laced shoes giving your little one the blues? Turn your toddler into a shoe-tying expert by creating your own shoelace board!

Books for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. Day was established in 1994 as MLK Day of Service where volunteers come together to make a difference in their communities? Introduce your child to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and other courageous citizens in these 17 reads for kids 2-8

Parents, get a sneak peek of Season 3 of Victoria!

Join Friends of LPB as we celebrate the highly anticipated Season 3 of Victoria on Sunday, January 6th at the LPB studios. Spend the afternoon sipping tea paired with delicious pastries. You will enjoy a sneak preview of the new season, before anyone else!  Click here to purchase your tickets today!

GREAT PERFORMANCES - From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2019, Tuesday, January 1 at 8 & 9:30 PM, Ring in the New Year with the Vienna Philharmonic under the baton of conductor Christian Thielemann at the Musikverein. Hosted by Hugh Bonneville and featuring favorite Strauss Family waltzes accompanied by the dancing of the Vienna City Ballet.

THE STUARTS: A BLOODY REIGN - Wednesdays at 10PM starting January 9, The Royal House of Stuart was the ruling dynasty of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland for 111 years, by way of seven monarchs. Altogether, the Stuart dynasty lived through arguably the most eventful, bloodthirsty and trying period in British history, from 1603 until 1714. This series, hosted by Professor Kate Williams reassesses the royal house's history and legacy in a new and unique way.

DOC MARTIN: Mysterious Way - Thursday, January 10 at 8PM, On the Season 8 premiere, after successfully rekindling their relationship, Louisa and Martin are living together again. But Louisa finds herself juggling too many responsibilities. As Portwenn prepares for a wedding, Bert hopes to profit from the festivities.

VICTORIA SEASON 3 ON MASTERPIECE - Sundays at 8PM starting January 13, It is 1848, and revolution is breaking out across Europe. In Britain, one woman stands between order and chaos: Queen Victoria. Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) stars as the young but fearless monarch, facing a crisis that threatens to end her reign.

Join Friends of LPB as we celebrate the highly anticipated Season 3 of Victoria on Sunday, January 6th at the LPB studios. Spend the afternoon sipping tea paired with delicious pastries. You will enjoy a sneak preview of the new season, before anyone else!  Click here to purchase your tickets today!

NATURE-Equus: Story of the Horse, Wednesdays, January 16 at 7PM & January 23 at 8PM, Travel around the world with anthropologist Niobe Thompson to uncover the history of mankind's relationship with the horse. Discover the habits and biology of these majestic animals and ride along with the world's last nomadic tribes.

LPB wishes all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!  Take care, Nancy Tooraen