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Check out these back to school collections on PBS LearningMedia for PreK-2, Middle and High School students!

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Peace, Love & Educators: Celebrate the Summer of Love at Knock Knock!

Hurrry!  There's still time to register!  To celebrate the start of the 2019-2020 school year and to wrap up our Summer of Love, Knock Knock Children’s Museum is inviting the Pre-K to 3rd grade educators, principals and administrators in the Capital Region to a special evening of fun called Peace, Love, and Educators!  

Peace, Love and Educators will be held Friday, August 2, 2019, from 6:30-8:30 pm. Admission is only $5 and includes small bites, great cocktails, and door prizes. Two lucky teachers will each win a free field trip for their students. Win one of those and you will be even more of hero when you return to school. AND if you book your field trip on August 2, we’ll give you your $5 back—Peace, Love and Educators—FREE!  Register HERE!

Help Parents Have a BRIGHT Start to School

Bright by Text...92% of parents are more confident as a result of receiving Bright by Text messages.

Year of Governors on the LDMA-Louisiana's 53rd Governor

This month, we’re continuing our series with Governor Mike Foster (b. 1930).  Foster, a native of St. Mary Parish, is the grandson of Murphy J. Foster, who served as Louisiana’s 31st Governor from 1892-1900.  He served in the Louisiana State Senate from 1988-1996 and as Louisiana’s 53rd Governor from 1996-2004.  He holds the distinction as Louisiana’s first two-term Republican governor.

Explore Stories on Louisiana’s Hurricane History

As we enter the heart of hurricane season, the LDMA is highlighting Louisiana’s hurricane history throughout the month of August.  You can take a look at rarely seen footage of the aftermath of Hurricanes Audrey, Betsy, and Camille, explore in-depth stories on the hurricanes that have shaped the 21st century in Louisiana, and learn more about the evolution of hurricane forecasting.

LFEA High School Film Competition

Have any future filmmakers in your class?  Encourage them to create a film that will inspire audiences.  Click HERE for more details.

Ripple Effect -- Redefining Environmental Education

Educate and empower the next generation of water-literate leadersRipple Effect has developed curriculum and teaching tools to help teacheres bring water literacy into their classrooms.  Check out the comprehensive, mult-week units and freely available resources to download and teach for grades K-12.

Watch LPB, PBS and PBS KIDS on the GO!

Have you downloaded LPB's App yet?  Watch or listen to your favorite LPB, PBS, and PBS Kids programs anytime, anywhere!

August Programming Highlights

8/7 at 8:00pm: Nova: The Planets – Saturn, NASA's Cassini explores Saturn for 13 years, looping through its icy rings and flying by its moons. The probe captures stunning ring-moon interactions, but when it finds the ingredients for life on the moon Enceladus, a bittersweet decision is made.

8/13 at 8:00pm: Nova: Ice Worlds, In the far reaches of the solar system, Uranus and Neptune dazzle with unexpected rings, supersonic winds and dozens of moons. And NASA's New Horizons gets a stunning up-close view of Pluto before venturing deep into the Kuiper Belt.

8/18 at 8:00pm: Downton Abbey Live!, Join host Deborah Roberts along with cast members and creators for a celebration of the beloved series and a sneak peek at the upcoming feature film. Guests will reveal behind-the-scenes stories and preview clips from the film.

8/25 at 7:30pm: Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2, Celebrate the legendary musical with a stellar cast including Alfie Boe, Nick Jonas, Lea Salonga, Colm Wilkinson, Norm Lewis and Ramin Karimloo. Staged by producer Cameron Mackintosh, the concert was filmed at London’s O2 Arena.

8/28 at 9:30pm: Life from Above: Moving Planet, See new footage of the greatest, most beautiful and powerful movements on our planet. Cameras in space capture events like an elephant family’s struggle through drought, and thousands of Shaolin Kung-Fu students performing in perfect synchronicity.

LPB wishes you a terrific start to a new school year!  We hope these resources will inspire you and your students.  

Take care, Nancy Tooraen, ntooraen@lpb.org