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Happy Holidays from LPB and PBS KIDS!

LET'S GO LUNA!: CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD - Premieres Monday, December 10 at 8:30AM on LPB and 4PM on LPBKIDS, When Circo gets stuck at the South Pole on Christmas Eve, Leo, Andy and Carmen are convinced that Santa will never find them. With the help of their friend Luna, the kids endeavor to save Christmas, learning about the holiday traditions from around the world along the way.

Celebrate all season long with holiday specials from WILD KRATTSTHE CAT IN THE HAT KNOW A LOT ABOUT THAT!PEG + CAT and CURIOUS GEORGE!

Using Coding Apps to Teach Kids How to Think

It's Computer Science Education week! Did you know that coding helps kids practice math, problem-solving and thinking outside the box? Here are ways to get young kids started.

Help your kids express themselves creatively and learn to code with @PBSKIDS ScratchJr!

5 Meaningful Holiday Traditions for Kids

Parents often lose themselves amid the chaos of preparing for the holidays. Activities like a family walk, or writing an annual letter to your child are ways to make holiday moments even more meaningful.

Expanding Your Child’s Circle of Concern

It’s easy for kids to empathize with people they are close to, such as family members and friends. Parents can help kids build on this skill with people they don't know and those who are different from them through conversation and tools like picture books.

How to Keep the “Happy” in the Holidays

Between parties, family commitments, traditions, religious services, and inconsistent schedules, the holiday season is often overwhelming for families and especially for young children. Here's what you can do to slow down and simplify your holiday.

7 Family Time and Learning Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are great opportunities for family fun and togetherness! Here are ways for kids and parents to explore new ideas and information and practice skills during these special moments.

Choosing Toys to Grow With Your Preschooler

Thinking of timeless toys for your little one? One of the best toys for preschoolers is just a collection of interesting stuff to create and construct anything they imagine.

December Family Nights

December 7 – 9: The Highway Rat, Stick-Man and Friends - Before you catch this week’s PBS KIDS Family Night specials, THE HIGHWAY RAT, STICK MAN, and THE GRUFFALO, check out the books of the same names for a preview. Make sure you never lose your spot when you create these DIY bookmarks (use them again when you read more books together). In this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night marathon you’ll travel along with Stick Man through the seasons to make your way back to winter, his family, and Christmas. Get in the wintry spirit when you make this DIY Winter Wonderland Terrarium. When you curl up for this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family night featuring THE HIGHWAY RAT, STICK MAN and THE GRUFFALO, make these toasty apple hand pies to snack on and keep you warm.

December 14 – 16: LET’S GO LUNA! Christmas Around the World - Luna’s busy travelling around the world with her friends Andy, Carmen and Leo in the global Christmas adventure, LET’S GO LUNA! Christmas Around the World on this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night. You can catch a sneak peek, play games, and learn more about the characters at http://pbskids.org/luna. If you’re inspired by this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night special, LET’S GO LUNA! Christmas Around the World, you can find out more about how Christmas is celebrated in countries around the world with these suggestions from PBS KIDS for Parents. While you celebrate the holidays with LET’S GO LUNA on this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night special, you can try out some sweets from around the world like these suggestions from PBS Food: Sweet Bows Crostoli from ItalyMincemeat Streusel Bars from England, and Capirotada with Bananas, Pecans and Prunes from Mexico.

December 21 – 23: PBS KIDS Holiday Marathon - It’s that time of year, so this week’s PBS KIDS Family Night is a marathon of PBS KIDS holiday favorites. If you’ve still got some last minute wrapping to do, we’ve got you covered with these gift tags and wrapping paper from PBS KIDS.
PBS KIDS Gift Tags
Curious George Wrapping Paper
Daniel Tiger Wrapping Paper
Wild Kratts Wrapping Paper
Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That Wrapping Paper
Let's Go Luna Wrapping Paper Coloring Sheet
Pinkalicious Wrapping Paper Color Sheet
Let's Go Luna Ornament Sheet
Pinkalicious Coloring Ornament Sheet

December 28 – 30: ARTHUR: D.W. and the Beastly Birthday - Everyone can get in the party spirit for this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night special from ARTHUR by creating a D.W. Birthday Party complete with D.W. Birthday Crowns and Arthur themed decorations and activities. Need some snack ideas for this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night Special, D.W. and the Beastly Birthday? PBS Parents’ Kitchen Explorers has a bunch of healthier party snack ideas for you.

LPB wishes you and your families a wonderful and safe holiday season. Enjoy celebrations with family and friends! Take care, Nancy