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Friends of Louisiana Public Broadcasting is organized to further the educational and cultural enrichment of all citizens and to assist in making the benefits of educational and public television programming available to all the people of Louisiana.

Volunteering at LPB is a great way to show your support for public television, meet new people, have fun, and allow LPB to continue delivering quality programming, educational outreach services and more to the local community. LPB counts on loyal volunteers to help us answer phones during membership drives, greet guests during special events and assist with other station activities.

LPB understands that your time is valuable, but help from volunteers like you is invaluable to the station. Whether you have just a few hours, or a few days each week, you’ll find your time spent at the station rewarding.

To get started, register by clicking the button below. This will create your volunteer account. Once you've created your volunteer account, we will email you when volunteer opportunities arise to find out if you are interested and available.

Register Now Button

Why Volunteer at Friends of LPB?

  • Discover what goes on at LPB behind the scenes
  • Support Friends of LPB's mission
  • Meet others who are passionate about improving the community
  • Gain valuable, hands-on experience
  • Network with professionals and other volunteers
  • Support local television and education
  • Get involved with the community

Qualification Requirements

  • 16 years of age
  • Friendly
  • Willing to learn

Need more information?

Call 225-767-4289 or e-mail kbradshaw@lpb.org today!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

November/December Membership Drive
Everyday Volunteer Tasks

Contact us via email or phone call if you would like to see if we have any daily volunteer task available.


Where do Volunteer Opportunities Take Place?

Generally, volunteer opportunities take place here at LPB. Sometimes, we also need volunteers for special events that take place in the communities we serve. In these cases, we will let you know where the event is held.

How do I get to LPB?

Address: 7733 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

From B.R. Airport:

  • I-110 South
  • I-10 East
  • Right at 10/12 Split (Toward New Orleans)
  • Exit on Bluebonnet (Right)
  • Right on Perkins
  • Right to LPB

  • I-10 West to Baton Rouge
  • Exit on Bluebonnet (Left)
  • Right on Perkins
  • Right to LPB

From Lafayette:

  • I-10 East to Baton Rouge
  • Right at 10/12 Split (Toward New Orleans)
  • Exit on Bluebonnet (Right)
  • Right on Perkins
  • Right to LPB
Once I've registered for a volunteer account, how will I know if there is a volunteer opportunity available?

We will contact you via email when volunteer opportunities arise. So in signing up, you'll want to include a valid email address, and then be sure to check it frequently.

Who do I contact if I can no longer volunteer for the shift I signed for?

Email friends@lpb.org or call 225-767-4214 to let us know.

Can I volunteer with a group?

Yes, volunteer opportunities are open to groups. Please have one person from your group or organization create a volunteer account.

I would like to promote my group or organization through LPB. Can I do this by volunteering?

For on-air fund drives, if your group or organization brings 9 or more volunteers, we will announce your group or organization on-air.

Who do I contact if I still have question(s)?

Email friends@lpb.org or call 225-767-4214, and we will answer your question(s).

Special Thanks

Baton Rouge Coca Cola

Baums’ Fine Pastries

Casa Maria

Cookies By Design

Gourmet Girls

Heirloom Cuisine

Louie’s Café

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Pete’s Catering

Rouses Supermarket

The Ambrosia Bakery & Deli

Tio Javis