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Be A Friend | 20,000 for 2020

Become a Friend

By becoming a member of Friends of LPB you will help:

  • Provide educational programs for families and high-quality resources and professional development for teachers and caregivers
  • Share our stories with the world, highlighting our unique culture
  • Serve as a critical emergency information hub
  • Foster a public square for meaningful, civil dialogue
  • Bring you the programs you love, wherever you watch

Member Benefits

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Become A Friend

Already a Friend?

Here's How to Help....

To reach our goal of 20,000 members, we need your help.

Here are some ways you can get involved!

  • Become a member of Friends of LPB.
  • Accept the “Be A Friend” Challenge: Encourage your circle of friends to become members of Friends of LPB. Once you sign up a friend, you and your friend are entered to win a monthly drawing.
  • Use our “Be A Friend” social media templates and Facebook frames to tell others about the campaign
  • Volunteer for Friends of LPB

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