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The Foundation for Excellence in Louisiana Public Broadcasting - FELPB

The Foundation for Excellence in Louisiana Public Broadcasting, FELPB, was created as a private non-profit corporation in August of 1992. FELPB is operated exclusively for the promotion, development, enhancement, and assistance of public television in the State of Louisiana. To that end, FELPB directs all of its efforts in support of the Louisiana Educational Television Authority, which operates the public television network commonly known as Louisiana Public Broadcasting, LPB.

FELPB Board of Directors


Charles Spencer
Baton Rouge, LA

Mary T. Joseph
Baton Rouge, LA


Dr. William Arceneaux

Baton Rouge, LA

Sally Clausen

Baton Rouge, LA

Barbara DeCuir

Baton Rouge, LA

Rose Hudson

Baton Rouge, LA

H. Alston Johnson III

Baton Rouge, LA

Frank McArthur

Baton Rouge, LA

Darrell Papillion

Baton Rouge, LA

Dr. William Weldon

Baton Rouge, LA

EX OFFICIO Non - Voting Members

Beth Courtney
President/CEO of LPB

Kathy Kliebert
Chairman, LETA

Rae Vasquez
Chairman, Friends of LPB