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About LPB

The Mission of Louisiana Public Broadcasting is to provide programming that is intelligent, informative, educational and entertaining. LPB strives to connect the citizens of Louisiana by creating content that showcases Louisiana’s unique history, people, places and events.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting is a state network of six non-commercial television stations licensed to the Louisiana Educational Television Authority (LETA), established in 1971 by the Louisiana Legislature.

LPB is more than what you see on television. In addition to the programs that LPB produces, such as our weekly newsmagazine Louisiana: The State We’re In, and our monthly roundtable Louisiana Public Square and our catalog of documentaries about the people, places and issues of importance in our state, LPB airs quality national programming. We air national news programs such as PBS NewsHour, mainstay children’s shows such as Sesame Street, home improvement programs such as The This Old House Hour, British comedies such as Keeping Up Appearances, and much, much more.

LPB’s website is the portal to a plethora of great information – everything from what’s on the air tonight to lesson plans for teachers to use in conjunction with our programming.

LPB’s Educational Services Department reaches out to parents, teachers, childcare providers – anyone who can benefit from the materials we can provide to help our world.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting is a statewide resource – on the air, on the web, in the classroom, and in the home.